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 HiFI Pig Warsaw 2022 review

I’ve been following Gediminas Racevicius and his Audio GE loudspeaker brand from pretty much its inception and it’s been great to see him grow from a fledgling brand to one that now has representation in many markets around the world. However, this is the first time I have personally sat in front of a pair of his loudspeakers. The speakers are the TEDDY at €2950 and they do seem to be a lot of speaker, that are also well finished, for what, in the grand scheme of things, is not a lot of money.

They are a handsome loudspeaker standing 900mm high and with ScanSpeak 25mm tweeter and a ScanSpeak  260mm classic paper cone. They are 89dB sensitive and offer a claimed response down to 34Hz, which judging by the response in the room is not unbelievable playing Madness by Muse.

These speakers aren’t ground-breaking from a technology perspective and what they offer is an honest and down-to-earth design that delivers in spades if their performance today, and in less than ideal surroundings is anything to go by.

Very good and a brand that will become bigger and bigger over the next few years in my opinion.

 Daniel Liburski, France
"I listen to the Rautilio 130 with a PP power amp from KT150. They are excellent speakers, well made. In this price range, they have very few competitors. Easy to drive, coherent even with the volume turned up, neutral while being enjoling, with a very nice soundstage. Listening to baroque opera or vocal jazz is always a pleasure. But I think they are universal enough for all musical styles."


Teddy review in TONEaudio


The short quote from long review in TONEaudio Magazine with the
Exceptional Value Award winner for 2021

The Audio GE Teddy speakers have been delivering the goods here for just over a month now and our enthusiasm is higher than ever. This pair of two-way floorstanders tip the scale at just under 60 pounds and will tap your wallet for just under two grand – delivered to your door in a nice pair of crates, that you can either save for moving another day, or DIY an equipment rack out of. Either way, the attention paid to details at this price makes them a stellar bargain.

Only 37 inches tall, the Teddys feature a 10-inch woofer and 1-inch silk dome tweeter, both from Scan-Speak. Inside, the simple and efficient crossover network has equally high quality parts. Thanks to a downward firing port, GE claims bass response to 33hz, and helps keep the footprint minimal. Cranking up some of our favorite Massive Attack tracks certainly produces bass you can feel. The soft dome tweeter is just plain lovely, and if you’re a fan of a great two way, this can be your cuppa.

The Teddy’s do it all with style and grace, whether you’re blasting Slayer or calmly listening to Ella. – and they’ll do it with a 20 watt per channel vintage receiver, or your favorite modern amplifier. Consider these a new, modern classic speaker – the likes of Vandersteen, Magnepan, or KEF. And one of our Exceptional Value Award winners for 2021. Well done.

Jeff Dorgay

Teddy review in 6moons.com
".........The first thing of obvious note was the rather mellower more relaxed mood over the more „high-stung“ French Aurai M1 2-way towers which Teddy sidelined. ....... Teddy`s natural-born gifts here kept it weighty and burnished, just more articulate and adroit than the sysrem voicing which I`d set for thr French boxes
Whilst Teddy is warmer and softer than usual Acelec Model One it replaced, it didn`t cause anywhere near the presence-band opacity which our Zu Druid VI does in the same spots. Different stripes altogether and big mid/woofer of superior pedigree for more nuanced purposes.......Lithuanian`s broad-shouldered bear far from embarrassed itself under such counter-indicative conditions. And in the bass, it neither required nor desired any e`woofin` help. $5`000 saved right there
Teddy’s inner bear stood up. The sound achieved a higher level of fullness, presence and majesty. Playing still louder just got louder.
Teddy’s suspension is just right. It is the kind of sound you don’t sit on but in - and for a long time. It is all about tone, density, chunkiness and comfort.
Rather than puckered, the bass was rotund to breath deep ...........“


Sincerus 80 laudspeakers review in hifipig.com 

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