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Teddy Gold

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The luxurious version of the Teddy speaker offers more dynamic reproduction, an extended frequency response spectrum and a larger spatial representation. Equipped with an 10-inch alumni cone woofer/midrange driver and a 1-inch silk dome tweeter, Teddy Gold offers a Sound quality at the highest level.

Teddy Gold combines audiophile qualities with elementary needs. It opens your heart and soul to the music and lets you forget your everyday life. Enjoy every note with an intensity that you can only rarely experience.
The built-in crossover is wired point-to-point and features premium components from Jantzen and Mundorf.
In the Teddy Gold, Amber + version, an ultimate capacitor made of pure copper foil from Jantzen is used for the tweeter and copper tape wax coils, the gain in naturalness is breathtaking.
Compared to the Teddy Classic, the Teddy Gold offers more audiophile virtues and is significantly more resilient. However, the demands on the electronics are also increasing. Teddy Gold needs powerful amps with good resolution and control, preferably a little more on the warm side.

The Teddy Gold plays very well with many amplifiers in the price range up to €10,000. Depending on your preference, you can influence the sound of the Teddy quite significantly.
Gamintojas: AudioGE
Dimensions (HxWxD):1000x340x390 mm
Weight:38 kg
Sensitivity :90 dB at 2,83 Volt/1 Meter
Nominal power handling:200 Watt
Port:Down placed
Impedance:8 Ohm
Frequency response (in-room environment) :31-25000 Hz
Warranty:5 years for drivers and crossover components
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