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I’m Gediminas Racevicus, managing director and designer at AudioGE  in  Lithuania.  I grew up surrounded by music; my father Rimvydas was a composer and pianist as well as chief sound engineer for Lithuania’s national television and radio network.  As a child, I spent many happy hours sitting on the floor of the recording studio in front of orchestras and big bands, providing me with an unique perspective of the sounds they produced. My love and appreciation of music was further nurtured by weekly visits with my father to opera or ballet.

 After studying engineering and electronics at university, I began to build speakers for friends as a hobby, finally expanding this into a business with the aim of producing speakers that could faithfully reproduce the quality of CLEAR sound that I had heard in the studio during my childhood. It was clear to me  that HIGH END speaker construction was the path I had to follow. After many years of studying sound reproduction, specialising in loudspeakers, we constructed our first HIGH END system and presented it to market.

  Almost twenty years of research in designing HIGH END speakers – trying many different enclosure designs, drivers, filter designs and much more – have resulted in our range of naturally clear sounding and good looking speakers.   

We are driven by the desire to keep searching for the best ways to enjoy music at the highest possible quality.  With exclusive use of SCAN SPEAK drivers and JANTZEN audiophile components for crossovers, we have developed a range of high quality products that our customers love. As our passion for music and clear high-quality sound grows we want to share that passion with our customers by giving them new and exciting ways to enjoy the most from their music.



All our loudspeakers are classical style. Elegant and aesthetic design. A well-constructed cabinet is the starting point for any high-performance loudspeaker. Exceptional rigidity is provided on all models through a combination of birch plywood panels which are cross-braced internally. Additional stiffness is achieved by coupling the low and high frequency drivers to the cabinet bracing using a resonant-absorbing material. Natural wood veneer, coated with special high resistant oil, or eco leather finishes. Floor stainless steel coupling masive spikes, provides stability for tight bass and accurate stereo imaging.



We use exclusively Scan Speak drivers. 

Optimal performance of each of the models is assured by using high quality JANTZEN and MUNDORF components and pin to pin soldering within the crossover. Although the designs are computer optimised, fine-tuning is always undertaken through critical auditioning. The gold-plated speaker terminals ensure a clean signal path.
The products of Audio GE are distributed through a worldwide network of distributors and dealers. 
In some cases (no dealer in Your area or excess in factory stock) we can sell directly from the factory. For excess or ex demo products, please, contact us gediminas.racevicius@gmail.com
Photos: Rimantas Gribauskas
Photosession location: Paliesiaus Dvaras www.paliesiausdvaras.lt 

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With warm regards to all audiophile friends


                                Gediminas Racevičius

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